Fuel efficient driving tool

Better fuel efficiency means that each kilometre travelled burns less fuel and releases fewer carbon emissions. Find out how a vehicle’s fuel economy rating affects its yearly running cost.

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Does your vehicle have fuel efficient tyres?

Fit fuel efficient tyres and you could save up to ${{model.getSavingsVal('energywisetyres')}}
a year

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When did you last check your tyre pressure?

Inflate your tyres correctly and you could save${{model.getSavingsVal('tyres')}}
a year

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Tyres naturally lose around one to two psi of pressure per month. It’s a good idea to check them regularly, and especially before you hit the road for any long drives.

Find your car’s correct tyre pressure on the driver’s side door frame, inside the petrol flap or in your owner’s manual.

Do you empty your boot when you get to your destination?

Empty your boot and you could save${{model.getSavingsVal('boot')}}
a year

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If you’re going on a big trip, chances are your boot is jam-packed full of gear for the beach, camp ground or ski field. The heavier the load, the harder your car’s engine needs to work keep the car moving, so unpack as much as possible when you get to your destination.

Is anything causing unnecessary drag on your car?

Take your roof rack, ski box or bike carrier off the car after use and save${{model.getSavingsVal('roof')}}
a year

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A roof box, bike carrier, or ski-rack can be a real drag on your car’s fuel economy. Taking them off when you’re not using them will avoid driving your fuel bill up unnecessarily.

When did you last service your car (in addition to getting a warrant of fitness)?

Get your car serviced every six months and you could save${{model.getSavingsVal('servicing')}}
a year

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Getting a service before you hit the road will ensure your car is in top notch condition, running efficiently and ready to get you to your destination safely.

How do you brake and accelerate, and what’s your speed on the open road?

Accelerate and brake smoothly around town, and stick to the speed limit on the open road and you could save${{model.getSavingsVal('drivingStyle')}}
a year

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Driving efficiently isn’t about driving slowly or holding up traffic, it is about accelerating smoothly, changing gears early, and sticking to the speed limit. Not only will it help you get to your destination safely, you’ll save on fuel.

How do you keep your car cool when the weather is hot?

Limit the use of your air-con by using your fan when possible and you could save${{model.getSavingsVal('temperature')}}
a year

Perfect choice!

Wind your windows down around town but use air con when you’re on the open road for the most fuel efficient way to keep your car cool.


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Based on what you've told us, if you made some small changes to the way you drive and care for your car, you could save ${{model.totalSavings}} a year! {{model.getResultNote()}}

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The fuel efficient driving tool is designed to give consumers information about how they may be able to reduce their fuel bill.

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