Heavy vehicle fleet self assessment

How much could your fleet improve fuel efficiency? Assess the potential by working out your organisation’s fuel management plan status. You’ll need to know your current fuel use and fuel management initiatives

Is fuel management incorporated into the day to day operation of your business?
Does someone in the business have responsibility for fuel efficiency?
What percentage of total business operating costs does fuel represent?
Which of the following fuel efficiency options (if any) have you considered?
Have you developed a plan to implement appropriate initiatives?
If Yes, how well is the plan meeting its objectives?
Do you have a regular meeting (staff and/or drivers) where fuel efficiency is discussed?
Do you have a refueling policy?
Do you record, monitor and manage the fuel use of your fleet (ie. the litres/100kms your fleet is doing)?
How many sources of fuel do your drivers use i.e. on-site fuel storage, fuel card, other.
Do you record, monitor and manage any other fuel efficiency performance data (tick the ones you collect)?
Do you feedback fuel use reporting within your Company (including drivers)?
Do you have regular staff meetings that include fuel efficiency discussions?
Are telematics installed in your fleet?
If yes, what is it used for? If no, select not applicable.
Do you apply whole life costing when acquiring vehicles?
If yes, does this drive your vehicle purchasing decisions? If no, select not applicable.
Is fuel efficiency considered as part of your maintenance programme?
Do your vehicles have regular wheel alignment check (ie at least every 6 months)?
How often are pre use inspections (walk around) undertaken on your vehicles?
Do you have a tyre management plan?
Do you speed limit your vehicles to no more than 90kph?
Have you checked your aerodynamic devices are installed correctly to maximise fuel efficiency?
Do you undertake in cab pre-employment driver assessments of your drivers?
Do you have a driver development programme that includes fuel efficient driver training?
Do you have a recognition and reward programme for staff that includes fuel efficiency?
Does your induction programme include information on fuel efficiency?
Do you have a process in place whereby staff and drivers can raise ideas of how to improve fuel efficiency?
Do you operate a driver induction programme for temps?

Assessment guide

0-40%: Significant fuel savings potential
41-75%: Good fuel savings potential
76-100%: On the right track, but possibility for further savings

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The heavy vehicle fleet self assessment tool is designed to help you to assess the potential for improving fuel efficiency in your vehicle fleet.

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